songs of the sea children

by mordecai, bring the water

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eponymous songs are renditions of bliss carman's poetry
take me by the hand is a pat the bunny cover


released June 22, 2016




Eli Wallis Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

jesus i don't know
garbage that is free!
free garbage!

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Track Name: song xxxv
eyes like summer after sundown
hands like roses after dew
lyric as a blown rose garden
the wind wanders through

swelling breasts that bud to crimson
hair like cobwebs after dawn
and the rosy mouth windrifled
when the wind is gone
Track Name: you're just an astronaut

you said I'm a black hole
full of negative energy
that's why I'm so far away
and always so damn heavy

you're just an astronaut
watching from the space ark
full of life and people
heading into the dark

I think I'm more of a zombie
dripping flesh and leaking brain
that's why my mouth never shuts
why I shamble back and forth

but you're my necromancer
coming from your cave with
puppets of bone and string
pull this or that to make me sing

I'm tired of all these metaphors
why can't call like it is?
I'm not the person you want me to be
and I don't like the life I lead

I'm just a child lost and bored
and you are selfish in your heart

you said I'm difficult
you've got me there
Track Name: take me by the hand and lead me through this disaster
Malcolm X never lived to see the government fall, but the state he opposed made him a stamp. Maybe that's the best you can hope for if you never give up: your enemies will teach your corpse to dance. And you and me, buddy, we've been living for a ghost when we ain't been sticking our heads in the sand, so when I'm afraid take me by the hand and show the world that we can't be planned. It's alright, it's okay, it's just that everything's fucked. It's alright, it's okay, it's just that everything's fucked. Catch me smashing my own windows when I'm feeling nuts. It's alright, it's okay, it's just that everything's fucked. I've been lying on the ground, alone and unwashed, without enough courage to brush my teeth. I'm afraid of the red that will pour out my gums and bleed me to death in my sleep. I've been staying inside with the curtains down, ignoring what phone calls I get, so when I come out take me by the hand and show the world a fight it won't forget.
Track Name: song xxxvii
in god's blue garden the flowers are cold
as you tell them over star by star
sirius, algol, pale altair
lone arcturus and algebar

in love's red garden the flowers are warm
as I count them over and kiss them by
from the sultry royal rose red mouth
to the last carnation dusk and shy
Track Name: ted williams
there's a firetruck down at kingdom hall
there's a car on fire over on cassiar
there's a seed of hate in us all, don't you know
you can starve yourself or feel it grow

there's another man in his bed
there's nothing you can take to forget

won't you be the nitrogen
to my ted williams?
hanging in the dark, alone
hanging in the dark, so cold

there's a better way to do this
I'm just a worm crawling through the abyss
hoping to find a light somewhere some day
dear god I hope that there's a better way

you are the nitrogen
to my ted williams
hanging in the dark, alone
hanging in the dark, so cold
Track Name: babies
have you ever seen a baby eat its own kind?
have you ever cum to the slip of a breadknife?
through the heart of man, found in a greyhound station
offer a couch to crash and a washcloth of chloroform

have you ever felt the winds of change a'comin?
seen the little fears in the husks of meat around ya?
they all know that we're all hurtling straight to hell
as if this fucking rock were anything to knell

have you ever swum in a pool of veal?
have you ever felt his trachaea give in?
have you ever tasted the smoke of a young martyr?
have you ever felt like maybe you're some grossly incompetent god living in a drowning world of your own creation, feeling bad for the sorry sacks of shit that you made when you were drunk?

well, I have
Track Name: song xli
as orchards in an apple land
that whiten to the moon of may
hear the first rainbird's ecstasy
peal from the dark hills far away

the wintry spaces of my soul
snowed under by the drift of time
feel immortality begin
as your long kisses surge and climb
Track Name: only dust
you're hungry but you don't want to eat
you're having second thoughts but it's too late
I can see all the dirt in your eyes
and you stink of hate

you're having violent dreams now
nights full of blood and sweat
drink it down you could use some cloud
all medicine is poison

you're hitting your stride now you're a man
you're only as ugly as this world is
don't dwell on it just do what you must
your soul isn't clean it's only dust

don't dwell on it just do what you must
your soul isn't clean it's only dust
don't dwell on it just do what you must
your soul isn't clean it's only dust
Track Name: saleph
have you seen my empire of shit?
fields of cardboard, sown by bitching
eleven black cats, twelve miner's bane
watch me struggle, fall in love again
this time I'm burning temples, fucking heathen gods
don't believe that shit you're just a little lost

wear his armour, walk my water

can it be that bad? it's just a little cold
they're not as well prepared and fuck growing old
do you really think I want to survive?
on my own elba, watch these oceans rise
this whole world is fucked why do anything?
for your emperor? for your fucking name?

wear his armour, walk my water
I'll be your beatrice, be my dante
if you're my theseus, I'll keep my bullshit

we weren't born in a maze
straight downhill to the river
no need for threads, don't pray
why build castles of dirt
when you know it's gonna rain?

wear his armour, walk my water